The X-431 TSGUN is a professional TPMS module with integrated sensor activation, reading, programming and teach-in function. It reads information such as tyre pressure or temperature by receiving signals with different frequencies.

The X-431 TSGUN is easy to carry and simple to operate. It can only be used with a LAUNCH X-431 diagnostic device and offers the complete solution on the subject of tyre pressure monitoring systems.

Характеристики и функции

TMPS функции

315 / 433 MHz


Vehicle-specific description of the teach-in process

Tech-In Process Through OBD Interface

Tech-In Process Through OBD Interface


Supports Reprogramming

ID Generator automatic or manual

Supports Multiple Vehicles


Reads Tyre Pressure Data

ID Sensor read, copy and write

Технически данни

Display 1,77" 168 x 128 px

Тегло 0.450кг.

DC Input Voltage 5 V


Батерия 300mAh литиева

Работна температура -10bis 50°C
Element-1achsicon2 (1)
Operating Current ≤1A
Размери 252 x 54 x 30 mm

Работи в комбинация с RF сензори

Also compatible with the old version of LAUNCH TPMS Sensors.

The LAUNCH RF (Radio Frequency) Sensor or also called TPMS Sensor, is a universal TPMS sensor for the aftermarket. As a radio frequency sensor, it can only be programmed by X-431 TSGUN and in combination with the LAUNCH X-431 Series.

Multi-Band Protocol

Over-the-Air Programming

Supports Multiple Vehicles

ID Sensor read, copy and write


Батерия 5 години

Metal or Plastic Horn

Rubber Sensors with Metal Horns


Rubber Sensors with Plastic

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